3 Tax Audits You Might Face Next April

unpaid taxesIf your business owes taxes to the government and is facing an audit, it is natural to be stressed. A tax audit is no picnic, especially if you have unpaid taxes. The best thing you can do is be prepared. There are three different types of audit the IRS will carry out.
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Warning Signs You May Need the Help of a Tax Defender Sooner Rather Than Later

irs auditFor many people, filing taxes is an easy thing. However, taxes aren’t always that a walk in the park. In fact, business owners and wealthy individuals can easily run into problems if they’re not careful. This is where tax defenders can come in to help — if for any reason you are in trouble with the Internal Revenue Service, they can assist you in from getting too entangled in the law.Continue reading

Can You Discharge Tax Debt in Bankruptcy?

The IRS has a reputation as a strong-armed bully that won’t release people from tax debts no matter the circumstances. However, the truth is that you can discharge some tax debt in bankruptcy if you meet specific conditions outlined by the IRS. Before filing for bankruptcy, it is important to consult with an attorney first to consider all other options.

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Not All Donations Can Be A Tax Break

Donating to a charity or grassroots group is a worthy way to spend your hard earned cash, but if you are doing so to reduce your annual income tax then you should know not every nickel can be used. Many people find out the hard way through a tax audit that their gifts do not qualify as a tax break.

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How Tax Defenders Can Help You Avoid Serious Legal Issues with the IRS

Facts about Taxes that You Should Know and When to Contact Tax Defenders

Any resident of Houston and elsewhere in the country who is generating income or owns assets is required to pay taxes. Paying taxes is not only considered a civic duty but is also required by the law. Failing to do so may result in a series of legal consequences, including penalties, paying interest, and receiving a notice from the IRS. Regardless of the magnitude of these consequences, no one should take tax payment lightly.

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