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The Scariest Letter You Will Ever Get

One of the scariest letters that a taxpayer may receive in the mail from the IRS is a Notice of Examination letter.  This letter serves as notification that the IRS is wanting to review certain sections of your tax return(s).

If you are not able to adequately provide the requested information and documentation, then the IRS will potentially expand the scope and years of the Audit.

IRS changes made to your return(s) through the Audit process may result in large liabilities, so hiring quality representation to protect yourself is highly recommended.

We create a customized Audit Plan for each of our clients to ensure that we are able to effectively represent them in an Audit.

As with any other type of tax service, we request that you maintain an open line of communication to provide us with what we need for us to be successful in your representation.

Self-employed?  Beware.

From our experience, we notice that Self-Employed Business Owners are frequently under examination by the IRS.

While under examination, the IRS typically targets the business expenses listed on the Schedule C of a personal 1040 tax return.

IRS Red Flags for The Self-employed

Schedule C Line Items that are frequently selected for IRS examination:

In the customized Audit Plan, we assist our clients in planning for the future while assisting with the current tax return line items under examination. We desire to educate our clients on understanding the importance of maintaining adequate documents when claiming an amount on a tax return.

If there is a silver lining to having to endure the nerve-wracking audit process, it is being able to choose Collins Legal, PLLC to protect you during the examination and have their expertise in preparing you for the future.

Look Familiar?

Do you claim any of these deductions? Yes?

Then call us to arrange for a review. A simple meeting now could save you from needing expensive IRS audit representation in Houston, TX in the future.


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